Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Living Your Covenants Every Day by Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt

from goodreads:
The little things we do on a daily basis don’t just matter—they can make all the difference. Intentional daily acts focused on covenant-keeping will bind us to the Savior as we are deliberate and determined to follow Him in small and simple ways. Drawing upon the teachings and lives of ancient and modern prophets, author Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt identifies patterns of truth that encourage increased commitment to covenant relationships while diminishing the binding grip of the adversary. Included are chapters on the need to be consistent in covenant- keeping, on recognizing Satan’s tactics and lies, on undoing self-destructive routines, on the role of the Spirit to help us both feel and follow promptings, and on the power of daily scripture study and prayer in establishing habits that reinforce and sup- port our commitment to the Savior.

I thought the clock on the cover was a good symbol for this book. While this book teaches the importance of remembering our covenants, it does so by reminding us the importance of spending our time wisely. This was a good book for me to read right now. Lately, I've been extremely busy with juggling family, school, and work, and I've let some things slide. My life has felt a little out of control. But this book reminded me of the importance of putting God first through prayer and scripture study--that by doing those things first, I will be strengthened as I grow closer to the Savior. I liked that Platt consistently encourages us to evaluate how we spend our time, to re-focus and live with purpose.

One of Platt's homework assignments is to write down daily rituals that are important to you. She says, "Identifying a daily framework for your life will help you manage your time and live a life that reflects true values. Because these daily rituals point me to Christ, I am determined to perform them. As a result, if I neglect these area of my life, I immediately feel chaos or dissonance." Later in the book, she says, "day-to-day habits either empower us or debilitate us." I loved learning that by tweaking some of our habits, and writing down the rituals that are important to us can help us keep our covenants more effectively.

Here are a few of her rituals:

*Know God
*Make your bed everyday
*Respond quickly to promptings
*Eat healthy
*Look for hints of greatness in yourself and others 
*Read a conference talk or Ensign article every day
Throughout this book, she pairs personal experiences with scripture and prophetic council. Her writing is down to earth and full of doctrine that is easy to understand. I appreciated the homework she included at the end of every chapter. While I read through her book quickly, I am now going back through the book to do the homework! This book teaches you how simple it is to live your covenants every day---deliberately and intentionally. A final quote I loved from the book is: "By entering in to covenants with Christ, we unite with Him. This perfect God joins us in our weakness and inadequacy to create an unconquerable team. We can do all things with Christ."

Rating: 5
Published: 4.2013

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  1. I love the idea of this book. It sounds like something I need. Great review.


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