Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen

From goodreads: Centered on a real landmark on the coast of North Carolina,The Mailbox blends intriguing folklore and true faith with raw contemporary issues that affect every woman.
When Lindsey Adams first visits the Kindred Spirit mailbox at Sunset Beach, she has no idea that twenty years later she will still be visiting the mailbox—still pouring out her heart in letters that summarize the best and worst parts of her life.
Returning to Sunset for her first vacation since her husband left her, Lindsey struggles to put her sorrow into words. Memories surface of her first love, Campbell—and the rejection that followed. When Campbell reappears in her life, Lindsey must decide whether to trust in love again or guard herself from greater pain. The Mailbox is a rich novel about loss, hope, and the beauty of second chances.

This is such a great book on so many levels. I learn something more about relationships, parenting and trusting God every time I read it. Whalen certainly has a skill for storytelling. She expertly interweaves past events with the present in this book. I love Lindsay and Campbell's story and how they were able to grow from past mistakes and have faith in the future.

Some great quotes from the book:

"In her eyes he saw his potential to be her hero." Campbell and daughter

"She had learned that waiting silently often yielded better results, to let her daughter take the lead in the conversation; a gentle dance they were still picking up the steps to." Lindsay and daughter

"..No person could be everything to her. She had recently learned that only God was capable of such a role."

"..even though He knows the ugliness, the embarrassing stuff, the parts no one else sees, He doesn't turn away. In fact, He loves people all the more." 

I love the idyllic setting of Sunset Beach, and how it was the perfect place for Lindsey and Campbell to heal from the hard things of life. I love that the story wasn't predictable in any way--there's a twist at the end I didn't see coming. This story felt real as the characters had to balance families and work and life. I appreciated the themes of second chances, learning from mistakes, and trusting God. This quote seems to sum the story up: "I have to believe that the way it all played out was part of God's very interesting plan for our lives...I'm not sure we would have reached the same conclusions without those struggles."

This is such a great feel-good, clean romance. One of my favorites!

Rating: 4
Published: 6.2004

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