Friday, August 31, 2012

Waking Beauty by Leah Wilcox

From goodreads: Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty has to be woken with a kiss, except Prince Charming. Every time the fairies watching over her try to tell him, he interrupts with his ideas of how to wake her.  This fractured fairy tale will elicit laughter that no one will be able to sleep through.

My six year old checked this book out of her school's library, and we have read it several times a day since! I loved this fun read-aloud written in fun rhymes. This is a retelling of The Sleeping Beauty, but told from the prince's point of view. He tries different things to wake her up that only a boy would think of! My kids were laughing as the prince dumped water on the princess and shot her out of a cannon.The best line in the book was "one hundred years of morning breath? That could be the kiss of death!" This is such a fun, cute story with charming illustrations. I need to go find Falling for Rapunzel next! 

Rating: 4
Published: 1.2008

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