Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taking Chances by Shannon Guymon

From Goodreads: Meet Maggie Tierney, a lighthearted, kind, free spirit who has a lot to be happy about: at 24, she is independent, successful, a wealthy artist, and she's just inherited a home in beautiful Alpine, Utah, the place where her mother, Lisa, grew up. However, her excitement is colored by the reality that Maggie has never been to Alpine, and that this home was left to her by her estranged great-grandmother, a woman Maggie never met . . . Armed with Propels, Doritos, and her favorite easel, Maggie dives into Alpine life, ready to make it her home.

Taking Chances is my favorite book (so far!) by Shannon Guymon. After hearing her present at a writer's conference, I knew I needed to read her books. This book is about Maggie Tierney, a spunky and  kindhearted artist, on the road to learning how to overcome her own fears and how to forgive. I love that this story is set in Alpine-just a stone's throw away from where I live, and it was fun to visualize where Maggie was driving around, or going out to eat.

One scene in the book I really liked showed Maggie while skipping rocks. She noticed how far she could skip a small, light rock compared to a heavier rock. She compared the rocks to her heart. "She had a feeling that the spirit worked the same way.  She knew how heavy her heart felt. She couldn't move on with it. She couldn't grow because of it. She would be stuck where she was, feeling this way for a long time if she didn't get the weight off....Maggie  prayed again....this time she opened her heart."

I think everyone can relate to this book. In life, we all have  chances we need to take. Some are small, some are big, but most require that step of faith to move forward.

Rating: 3
Published: 10.2008

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